LAB Canarias is an association with the intention of researching the plant Cannabis Sativa L. and supporting people who consume and produce natural and low side effect medicine to inform and educate about current quality control possibilities.

Our intention is to respond to the current need for independent testing and to provide associations with the opportunity to test. Independent consultations are part of the founding members from the fields of medicine, biochemistry and agricultural engineering. The association is NON-Profit and also supports patients seeking help with advice on medical cannabis and CBD.

Alpha Cat a potential Partner on our Way

For the potency test there is a close cooperation with Séba Béguerie and his company Alpha CAT. Thin layer chromatography is a good tool for Cannabis Social Clubs to be able to make quick and precise statements about the potency of their harvest and above all to help their medical users to find the right dose.

But not only for the clubs but also for home growers it is a good tool to test the potency after work. For these persons we also offer a day workshop to learn the fine handling of the tests faster

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